What does ESE pod mean?

ESE stands for “Easy Serving Espresso” and defines a very common format of coffee pods.
ESE pods are a practical and convenient solution for preparing a perfect espresso at home or in the office.

They are compatible with ESE coffee machines and are made from a blend of ground coffee compressed inside a biodegradable paper filter.
That means, these pods are an ecological and sustainable choice!

In fact, paper filters are biodegradable and compostable, and they have a forgettable environmental impact compared to plastic coffee capsules.

Wait a minute: if we call these “ESE pods” does that mean there are other pods out there?

Of course! You can find larger soft pods, that cannot fit in most popular machine and make a lighter coffee. That’s because they require less pressure than ESE pods, which are only 44mm (roughly 1.7” across) and consist of strongly compressed coffee.

With ESE pods you can have a strong and creamy coffee whenever you want! You can find all the blends you like for a great (and easy) Italian espresso!